The UCSB Shoreliners is a campus support organization whose primary goal is to promote social interaction throughout the university community and to raise funds for UCSB student scholarships. Faculty members, researchers, staff, general administrative officers and comparable visiting personnel at the Santa Barbara campus and their spouses/partners, and interested community members are eligible for membership.

The Shoreliners, previously named the Faculty Women's Club of UCSB, was established by wives of faculty on campus in 1941. Later they were joined by female faculty members. In 2014, the Bylaws were revised and the club renamed to reflect both male and female membership; the primary goal and a number of the club's interest groups remained the same.

The UCSB Shoreliners is closely aligned with The Club at UCSB and many of the Shoreliners events will take place there. Members of The Club are welcome and invited to attend Shoreliners events:

    The Club & Guest House at UC Santa Barbara
  • Building 581
  • University of California
  • Santa Barbara, CA 93106-7040
  • 805-893-7000 - General
  • 805-893-6093 - Membership
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  • Please send a message to our Club team.