In partnership with UCSB’s Housing, Dining & Auxiliary Enterprises, The Club & Guest House focuses on fresh, local, sustainable and quality food for an enhanced campus dining experience. With a commitment to personal and environmental wellness, menu offerings include healthy, natural and seasonal ingredients, with minimal processing and additives. By partnering with local distributors for organic and/or sustainably-grown produce, The Club & Guest House prides itself on a farm-to-table experience. Other selections include fair-trade organic coffee and teas, local olive oil and honey, 100% sustainable seafood following the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch and whenever possible, cage-free chicken breasts and local grass-fed beef.

Like UCSB’s Residential Dining Services program, The Club & Guest House takes strides to protect, preserve and regenerate environmental resources by practicing the following initiatives:

Waste Reduction & Responsible Waste Management
• Composting 100% of pre- and post-consumer food waste
• Recycling all cooking oil waste for use as biodiesel fuel
• Purchasing from vendors with a proven track record of environmental responsibility

Education & Outreach Programs
• Providing ongoing sustainability training to staff and students
• Member of the University of California Food Policy and Sustainability Group

Sustainable Building Practices & Energy Efficiency
• Purchasing Energy Star-rated and Energy Efficient equipment
• Incorporating energy-saving lighting systems
• Using electric, hybrid and Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) vehicles
• Working towards becoming Green Business Certified – satisfying stringent standards set by the Santa Barbara County Green Business Program

    The Club & Guest House at UC Santa Barbara
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